Reflective spray paint may greatly improve bicycle safety

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — No matter how many reflectors, lights or brightly-colored articles of clothing they’re donning, it’s often very hard to see bicyclists at night. However, a new type of spray paint may shine new light on bicycle safety.

There have already been numerous bike accidents reported locally this year, including a young teen who was struck by a school bus in Mansfield.

Volvo has released a new product – Life Paint – which aims to prevent tragic accidents by keeping bicyclists and drivers at a safe distance. The metallic cans are being test driven in bike shops in London.

It’s an unlikely product for the automaker, but Volvo says it’s a way to make roadways safer.

The paint is instantly visible, even with the slightest amount of light. While it’s popularity is growing among bicyclists, it was originally created to protect another roadside risk – reindeer. A small Finnish company tested the idea of lighting up their antlers to prevent car accidents, and Volvo saw potential.

Limited batches of cans are hitting London bike shops, but Volvo said Life Paint could light up American roads later this year.

The makers of Life Paint say it’s safe for your skin and can be washed off your clothes. When it hits stores in the United States, cans are expected to cost about $5.

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