One man killed, one injured by loose tiger after flooding

Police in the ex-Soviet republic say a tiger that escaped from a local zoo after severe flooding Saturday was exterminated by police after it attacked two men, killing one of them.

TBILISI, Georgia (MEDIA GENERAL) – One man was killed and another man was injured Wednesday, June 17, 2015 after they were attacked by a tiger that recently had escaped from the Tbilisi Zoo in Georgia, a former state of the Soviet Union.

The Georgian capital has been in chaos since heavy rains led to torrential floods that devastated the city Saturday, killing at least 15 people and setting loose several animals from the city’s zoo.

On Tuesday, zoo officials stated all eight of their lions and all seven of their tigers were found dead, and only one of their three jaguars was left unaccounted. However, Wednesday’s incident calls those facts into question.

According to the Georgian Interior Ministry, the two men were attacked at a construction zone not far from the Tbilisi Zoo where the tiger apparently had sought shelter. Police killed the tiger.

Residents had been advised to stay indoors and call an emergency number if they came across any of the escaped animals, according to Sky News.

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