TMZ: UCLA coaches do not want Diddy prosecuted

(Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, File)

TMZ’s Dax Holt was here to talk about the latest in entertainment news.

UCLA Coaches
We Don’t Want Diddy Prosecuted

The football coaching staff at UCLA has huddled and decided the best thing for everyone is for cops to drop the case against Diddy.
Sources directly connected with the team tell TMZ, the coaches are regretful the situation escalated to an arrest. They think Diddy is a jerk who they’d like to make persona non grata, but they don’t want to make this a courtroom spectacle, largely because it would be bad for the team.
Sources with direct knowledge of the confrontation between Diddy and Sal Alosi tell us, after the incident the coaches all decided to just let it go. They believe an intern called UCLA police and when the cops arrived, they asked to see the video and that was enough to hook Diddy up.
We’re told head coach Jim Mora does not want a criminal prosecution. The interns who were present and allegedly threatened could press the case, but if Mora is against it they would probably follow suit. Diddy claims he picked up the kettlebell in self-defense after Alosi and 4 others made an aggressive move.

Mariah and the Billionaire
We’re Already Talking Marriage!!!

Mariah Carey doesn’t waste time … just days after she hopped on a yacht with new billionaire BF James Packer, they’re already talking marriage.
Our Mariah sources say it’s insane … they’ve been “dating” for just a matter of days, but he’s already told her he wants to marry her, sooner rather than later. The soonest can be when she’s officially divorced from Nick Cannon. But we’re told Mariah is open to tying the knot with James.
We got this photo of Mariah and James on the boat, wearing matching robes … almost like they’re on a honeymoon.

Snoop Dogg
MC’s Daughter’s Sweet 16
Quit Texting, Start Dancing Kids!

Even Snoop Dogg has to fight like hell to keep teenagers’ attention — as he found out when he got on the mic for his daughter’s Snooper (yeah, we said it) sweet 16 party.
Cori Broadus and her friends were like most teens at the Monday night bash — heads buried in their phones, avoiding the dance floor … even though papa Snoop was urging them to get up and party.

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