National Weather Service: Tornado touched down in Wrentham

A tree toppled onto a church playground in Wrentham. Photo: Susan Campbell / WPRI 12

WRENTHAM, Mass. (WPRI) — There’s damage. There are pictures of funnel clouds. Now, the National Weather Service has determined it was a tornado that touched down during severe weather Tuesday evening.

A survey team was in the field Wednesday morning, checking damage in Woonsocket, Wrentham, Franklin and Blackstone.

Members determined an EF-0 tornado touched down in Wrentham, where Eyewitness News crews captured damage, including several downed trees.

The agency said the tornado, which touched down in the town common, was on the ground for less than 10 minutes and packed maximum winds of 80 mph.

“There was mostly tree damage noted, including one large tree uprooted, as well as tree tops snapped and large limbs down,” the agency said in its report.

The entire area was under a tornado watch as the severe storms moved through late Tuesday afternoon and into the evening, while northeast Rhode Island and parts of Massachusetts were briefly under a tornado warning.

Tornadoes are not a common occurrence on the East Coast, but a Tornado Watch is issued when the possibility arises. During that time, residents should remain alert for approaching storms.

Photos Gallery: Amazing images of Tuesday's storm sent to us via ReportIt!
Amazing images of Tuesday’s storm sent to us via ReportIt!

At the height of the storm, thousands of National Grid customers were without power. However, a check of our Power Outage Database late Wednesday morning indicated all but 30 customers had been restored.

If you have any good pictures or videos of the storm, be sure to send them our way by emailing or through our online form. We’ll use the best on-air and in our photo gallery.

Fujita Tornado Scale

  • EF0 – Wind Speeds 65 to 85 mph
  • EF1 – Wind Speeds 86 to 110 mph
  • EF2 – Wind Speeds 111 to 135 mph
  • EF3 – Wind Speeds 136 to 165 mph
  • EF4 – Wind Speeds 166 to 200 mph
  • EF5 – Wind Speeds Greater Than 200 mph


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