Woonsocket reports wild weather

Picture of a possible funnel cloud in Woonsocket sent via ReportIt!

WOONSOCKET, R.I. (WPRI) — A severe storm that passed through southern New England Tuesday night left behind only mild amounts of damage, but gave residents plenty to talk about.

Although police report no damage was done to homes in the city, residents say some lightning strikes hit too close to home. Luis Perez says he was watching the approaching storm with his son when lightning shot up a tree in his yard. Bark and sap flew in every direction.

“We were outside, we didn’t know where to go. My wife was at the door with my other two kids and we didn’t know what to do or where to go,” said Perez.

Photos Gallery: Amazing images of Tuesday's storm sent to us via ReportIt!
Gallery: Photos of Tuesday’s storm sent to us by you via ReportIt!

Another resident says he was upstairs in his home when the lightning hit. “I got so scared. I thought it was an earthquake. I thought the whole house fell down. My whole body was shaking. You do not want to have the feeling that we all did,” resident Jose Arias said. Gallery: Photos of Tuesday’s storm sent to us by you via ReportIt!

Omayra Alpen says she was standing by her front door when the lightning struck. “It was like something that hit the whole ground. It went up my feet, hit my chest, everything moved. My whole building moved. I felt it all the way from my toes to my finger tips. Pins and needles, as if you were numbed,” said Alpen.

Other residents say this scary storm is a reminder to always have an evacuation plan in place.

“I saw the thunder bolt just come out of nowhere and just shattered the whole ground and I heard my TV just burn out. We had no evacuation plan. Nothing. We will definitely have one next time,” said Edward Escobar.

For more on what safety precautions you need to take when a severe storm hits, Storm Safety Resources

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