Water restrictions start in ‘Gansett, SK

(WPRI) — With the summer months, restrictions on watering lawns and plants are returning to Narragansett and parts of South Kingstown.

Customers with odd-numbered street addresses will be allowed to use water outdoors only on odd-numbered dates, and even-numbered on even-numbered dates.

It applies to Narragansett residents and customers of United Water in South Kingstown, Wakefield, South Shore and Middlebridge, but does not apply to customers in the Kingston Water District.

Officials say it’s all precautionary, because they anticipate more water being used in the summer.

A  list of water bans and restrictions by district is below:

  • Bristol County – none
  • Cumberland – none
  • East Providence – none
  • Providence – none
  • Pawtucket – water
  • Portsmouth – none
  • Jamestown – no lawn watering June 1 through August 3
  • Johnston- none
  • Lincoln- none
  • Newport – none
  • North Kingstown – No watering between 10-2, Residents can water twice a week. East of post road, Monday and Thursday. West of post road, Tuesday and Friday.
  • Woonsocket – none
  • Westerly – none

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