Fourth of July: The warmest and coldest days

(WPRI) — The Fourth of July weekend is finally here, but the beginning to the summer has been relatively cool in comparison to year’s past.

Saturday looks to be warm with a few showers, with temperatures reaching 80-degrees.

Fun Facts

The coolest Independence Day in Rhode Island was in 1986 when the high temps only reached 51-degrees.

While the warmest day occurred in 1949 when highs hit 99-degrees!

Last Fourth of July

Last year, serious weather got in the way of the some of the festivities — because Southern New England was preparing for a brush with Hurricane Arthur.

While Arthur never made direct contact with our area, it did bring high winds and a lot of rain. Independence Day last year was the rainiest fourth on record, according to the Pinpoint Weather Team.

And July hurricanes really are not that common. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, to date, only 55 hurricanes have formed in the month of July — compared to 393 during September.

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