Bristol’s 230th Annual 4th of July Parade

Photo: WPRI-TV

BRISTOL, R.I. (WPRI) – Again this year, thousands of people lined the parade route for Bristol’s 230th annual 4th of July Parade.

Bristol’s parade continues to reign as the longest-running, consecutive Independence Day parade in the country.

People started lining up along the parade route before sun-up, finding the perfect spot.

“We got up at 3am,” says one spectator.

Some slept on hammocks while others began cooking breakfast at dawn.

Security along the route was even more present this year, following a nationwide terror warning from the FBI.

Marching bands and floats made their way down Hope street as local, state, and federal law enforcement stood on the sidelines, keeping an eye out for possible terror threats this holiday weekend.

“I was a little concerned about coming today,” Kathleen Lyons, a spectator, told Eyewitness News. But “I feel pretty safe standing here,” she said, after finding her parade spot right next to the National Guardsman air quality box.

Officials are also looking out all weekend-long for intoxicated drivers, to stop DUIs before they happen and keep the roads safe.

Officials say one-third of all deadly motor vehicle accidents involve alcohol.

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