Making the most of summer with Camp Jack

On the Rhode Home, we’re talking about making the most of summer for both adults and kids! Joining us from People Inc.’s Camp Jack is Tina Nogueira and from Cardi’s Furniture Nick, Ron, and Pete Cardi. Let’s get right into what summer has brought us, with some amazing weather and if you’re not outside – you’re missing out.

“You’re absolutely right. We’ve had some amazing summer days and nights so far and there are plenty more on the way – but if you’re worried that the seats your sitting on outside are about to fall apart because they’re old or if they’re just uncomfortable – why not come in? Check out the wonderful selection of great outdoor furniture we have ready for immediate delivery, and set up your backyard, porch, or pool area for true comfort. If you’ve already gone on a summer vacation – recreate that feeling of fun and relaxation with some beautiful, comfortable outdoor furniture from Cardi’s,” said Nick Cardi.

Ron, those are great looking Adirondack chairs. We understand you just received a new shipment of them.

“We certainly did and those have been an extremely popular item. They’re sturdy construction made from composite, recycled materials so they’re both environmentally friendly and will withstand the elements outdoors. We also have a limited supply of those easy-to-use fire pits. Simply hook up a standard propane tank to them and you’re ready to go for ambiance or making s’mores – and the seating that comes with the fire pits are extremely comfortable and that’s really an item you’ll be using well into October! Come in now, because when they’re gone – they’re gone until next year! Don’t miss out,” said Ron Cardi.

Great ways for adults to enjoy the summer, and kids too for when they come home. But during the day, there’s an extraordinary summer camp locally providing a fun experience for kids with diabetes. Cardi’s has been working with People Inc. for many years.

“We certainly have. They’re a wonderful organization servicing individuals and families right down the 195 corridor through Massachusetts. They have a wide range of wonderful programing, they offer support, and if you really want to learn about all the great things they do – you should really visit their website and Facebook page to learn more about the people they work with as well as the amazingly talented and compassionate staff and leadership – all wonderful people. We’re proud to work with them and support them,” said Pete Cardi.

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