Coast Guard rescues more than 100 from grounded vessel

FALMOUTH, Mass. (WPRI) — A grounded charter vessel off of Cape Cod took several hours for the Coast Guard to pull everyone to safety.

Crews responded to the 911 call around 11 p.m. Tuesday night, near Woods Hole where the Pied Piper ran aground with 113 people on the vessel.

Passengers on-board said the cruise was going fine until the boat stopped and then crashed into a rock.

Some passengers were stuck on the boat for hours. It took the Coast Guard 45 minutes to reach the boat, but did take a considerable amount of time to get everyone to safety.

“We just came out for the booze cruise, and this is just astounding how we got stuck out in a rock,” a female passenger said. “The boat shook and we were stuck for a couple hours and the Coast Guard had to save us. I’m just appalled about this whole night. I can’t believe this.”

During high tide, the boat was able to float again and was towed to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Dock.

No one was injured.

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