911 Transcript: Salty Brine beach blast

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Below is the transcript from a 911 call placed the day of the mysterious beach blast at Salty Brine Beach in Narragansett.

A woman was hurt July 11 after the blast threw her into the nearby jetty.

Since then, investigators have been trying to determine what caused the incident. Recently, scientists have been digging up the sand, checking for organic matter or any other substance that could be to blame.

911 dispatcher: Narragansett Emergency.

Caller: Hi, um, I’m at Salty Brine Beach.

911 dispatcher: Yup.

Caller: Somebody? Did she fall? Or did the rocks fall on her? The rocks, like, fell on her.

911 dispatcher: The rocks fell on her?

Caller: Yeah.

911 dispatcher: At Salty Brine? Where on Salty Brine are you?

Caller: Right at the edge.

911 dispatcher: Right at the edge? Okay.

Caller: The water’s edge.

911 dispatcher: You’re at the water’s edge and a rock fell on a female? Or a male?

Caller: Yes. It’s a female.

911 dispatcher: Older? Younger?

Caller: Uh, older. I wasn’t there. I didn’t witness it. I just heard them say ‘call 911.’

911 dispatcher: How big’s the rock, do you know?

Caller: I don’t know. I’m so sorry.

911 dispatcher: Do you know if they’re pinned under it or anything? Do you know if they’re pinned under the rock?

Caller: I heard a bang. People are saying that the rocks exploded.

911 dispatcher: OK. We’ll be all set. 911 will get people down there. Thank you. All right, we’re gonna send fire, rescue and police down there. Can you have someone respond up to the entrance to direct them?

Caller: I will go up and I will meet you. I’m in a brown and white bathing suit and a black sarong. I’ve got a bright pink hat on.

911 dispatcher:  Brown and white bathing suit with a pink hat on?

Caller: Yes.

911 dispatcher: Thank you.

Caller: OK.

911 dispatcher:  Bye.

Caller: Bye.

911 dispatcher: Narragansett Emergency.

Caller: Yes, Salty Brine Beach. I don’t know if anybody’s contacted you, we have some rocks that collapsed on people.

911 dispatcher: Where on the beach?

Caller: Um, right at the shore.

911 dispatcher: Okay. Ma’am, when we go in, if we go in by the pavilion, from the pavilion, where I am looking to?

Caller: You are looking at the Salty, the building, George’s, right in front of George’s, you’re gonna come right down in there.

911 dispatcher: Okay, the little parking lot right next to George’s?

Caller: Yup, you’re gonna walk down on the beach, the far right corner by the rocks.

911 dispatcher: Okay. So it’s gonna be by the break wall?

Caller: Yup.

911 dispatcher: Alright. Are you at the entrance, ma’am?

Caller: I can come to the entrance.

911 dispatcher: If you could, and direct somebody in for me, I’d appreciate it. I’m gonna send somebody right down. Do you know what kind of injuries we have?

Caller: I don’t know how bad she is, but I know, I only see one person down at that point.

911 dispatcher: Okay, what’s the phone number you’re calling me from, ma’am?

Caller: 401-xxx-xxxx

911 dispatcher: 86..

Caller: 10

911 dispatcher: Okay, I’m gonna send somebody right down. Okay?

Caller: Okay.

911 dispatcher: Thank you ma’am.

Caller: You’re welcome.


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