Section of Salty Brine reopens; Blast 911 calls released

The state has reopened part of Salty Brine State Beach after scientists collected sand samples. They are trying to determine the cause of July 11'st mysterious blast. (Photo: Madeleine Wright / WPRI 12)

NARRAGANSETT, R.I. (WPRI) — After a mysterious blast injured a woman on Salty Brine State Beach earlier this month, calls for help began to flood in to 911.

At the request of Eyewitness News, Narragansett police Tuesday released some of the 911 calls made July 11.

The Calls for Help

One of the 911 calls started with a beachgoer calmly explaining the aftermath of the terrifying blast.

Caller: “Somebody – did she fall or did the rock fall on her? The rock, like, fell on her.”

Dispatcher: “The rock fell on her?

Caller: “Yes.”

The caller went on to say she didn’t see the blast, but was just trying to help the victim.

Dispatcher: “Do you know if they’re pinned under the rock?”

Caller: “I just, I heard a bang. People are saying that the rock exploded.”

The dispatcher then sent help. The victim was taken to the hospital with a concussion and broken bones.

Looking for a Cause

Since the blast, law enforcement and state officials – along with scientists – have been trying to pinpoint the cause of the blast.

They said they have ruled out an explosive device.

Tuesday the state reopened a section of Salty Brine after scientists from the University of Rhode Island and the federal government spent part of the last two days taking soil samples from the area.

They say they’re trying to determine if there’s a natural explanation. The Department of Environmental Management said it’s hoping to have the test results back by next week.

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