Sleeping infant almost hit by stray bullet

MARSHFIELD, Mass. (AP) — A sleeping infant in Massachusetts was nearly hit by a stray bullet after an altercation outside his family’s apartment erupted in gunfire.

Police say 3-month-old Dylan Yubi was asleep in his crib Sunday morning in Marshfield when three shots were fired outside. One went into the baby’s room and lodged into the wall about three feet above his crib. The child was showered with plaster, but unhurt.

Chief Phillip Tavares says it’s fortunate no one was killed.

Investigators found that the argument started among a group of people at a restaurant and continued as they arrived at the apartment complex.

Police arrested 25-year-old Sean Curtis and charged him with several related offenses. He was held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing scheduled for Wednesday. He told police he fired in self-defense.

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