State agency sent personal information to wrong addresses

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — The Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training says it inadvertently sent full or partial Social Security numbers of unemployed people to people who should not have received them.

The agency blames the problem on a malfunctioning mail-sorting machine and says as many as 832 people were affected. At least 18 had their full Social Security number sent to the wrong place.

The agency says the information was sent in letters that were supposed to have gone to people who filed for unemployment benefits, or to their former employers.

It says that during the week of June 22 to 26, an optical scanner on its mail machine malfunctioned and misdirected mail into the wrong envelopes.

The agency says it is offering free credit monitoring for one year to those affected.

Below, Consumer Reporter Susan Hogan has more information about the incident.

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