Warwick police adding additional security to movie theater

(File photo)

WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — In the wake of the deadly shooting in Lafayette, Louisiana, local police are stepping up security in nearby movie theaters.

Warwick police said they have officers on paid security detail at Showcase Cinemas on Quaker Lane every week — but after the events that took place Thursday, moviegoers should expect to see more officers on patrol.

“When these things happen, there is a sense of heightened security, so you’ll see additional officers — the beat officers and the district officers — stopping by and making their presence known as well,” said Captain Brad Connor of the Warwick Police Department.

But Connor said that while the situation in Lafayette is alarming, there is no evidence of a threat to moviegoers here.

“We’ll have patrolmen there and certainly the City of Warwick is a safe community, and I wouldn’t want to disrupt the lifestyles because of this one incident,” he said.

The whole incident makes Warwick police want to train harder, Connor said, so that a similar could possibly be prevented. “We train annually,” he said.

Connor said the training prepares them for an active shooter situation. If Warwick does have to respond to a situation like that, Conner said the biggest priority is to prevent the shooter from hurting anyone else.

“We’re bypassing the victim and we’re bypassing the unknowns just to get to that threat and take that threat out as quickly as possible. And our secondary response is to assist the victims,” he said.

According to Conner the training is crucial — and while it won’t prevent a dangerous situation, it could definitely save lives.

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