Fans react ahead of Patriots training camp

FOXBORO, Mass. (WPRI) — Patriots fans are sticking by four-time Super Bowl champ Tom Brady ahead of the first day of training camp after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell upheld his four-game suspension against the star quarterback.

“There’s going to be hard times and good times and I’m going to support them throughout the whole thing because that’s what a true fan would do,” said Pats fan Mark Jerome.

The NFL Players Union has also put their support behind Brady, filing a lawsuit against the league for the accusations and handling of deflategate.

Eyewitness News legal analyst Robert Corrente said the federal courts will look at just that.

“The court is less likely to really get into the science of were the balls deflated and they’re much more likely to look at whether the process was fair,” explained Corrente.

Corrente also explains that Brady’s camp may have some problems after the NFL Players Union agreed to the recent collective bargaining agreement, allowing Goodell to make the initial ruling and serve as his own court of appeals.

“He’s being asked to rule on whether or not he’s going to uphold himself, which is kind of a crazy procedure,” said Corrente.

Regardless, fans do not think the scandal will taint Brady’s legacy.

“I don’t believe that he would ever want any win whatsoever if it wasn’t completely from his own athletic ability,” said Pats fan Gina Singh.

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