Delicious Drinks: Beat the heat cocktails

The Cocktail Guru, Jonathan Pogash, stopped by The Rhode Show Thursday morning, to show you how you can get creative with different types of ICE in your cocktails. Yes, we said ICE!

Ice #1: Large 1.25” cubes w/ berries/flowers frozen into them
Blueberry-Thyme Sour (Eat right away or store in fridge up to 2 days in fridge)

1 1/2 oz. Van Gogh Vodka
1 oz. home-made blueberry thyme syrup**
1/2 oz. fresh lemon juice
Top w/ Founder’s Fizz sparkling wine

Shake first three ingredients very well with ice and strain over ice into a highball glass.  Top with the sparkling wine and add the special ice.
Garnish: rosemary sprig

Ice #2: Large 2” ice cubes for drinks that are “on the rocks”

Add 2 oz. of whisky (or other) to a rocks glass.  Add large cube.
This type of ice keeps liquids cold and has a slower dilution rate

Ice #3: Kitchen freezer ice
Perfectly good ice for use in cocktails

Ice #4: Crushed Ice
Perfect for Tiki cocktails:

Jonathan’s Mai Tai:

2 oz. dark rum
1/2 oz. orange curacao or orange liqueur
1 oz. orgeat (almond) syrup
1 oz. fresh lime juice

Shake ingredients very well with ice and strain into a TIKI mug.  Add crushed ice all the way to the top.
Garnish: fresh mint and lime wheel

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