Elorza joins Providence task force to tackle graffiti

Photo: WPRI / Scott Delsole

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza was out in the city Thursday, assessing and cleaning graffiti at local businesses.

Elorza joined Providence’s Graffiti Task Force for a cleanup on Highland Avenue.

“With the arrival of summer I have put the Graffiti Task Force on ‘high-alert’,” said Mayor Elorza. “If you see graffiti, call my Center for City Services and let us know so we can continue our aggressive efforts to keep Providence beautiful.”

The task force uses pressure washers and paint to remove and cover graffiti in the capital city. So far this year, the Mayor’s Center for City Services has addressed more than 300 reports of graffiti.

“For anyone who’s out there spray painting, I tell them to watch their back, because every time that they’re out there spray painting walls, it makes it more likely that we’re going to be out there with more information to be able to catch them,” Elorza said.

To report graffiti, call 421-CITY or visit ProvidenceRI.com.

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