Warwick mom receives helping hand during power outage

Photo: WPRI / Madeleine Wright

WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — Tuesday’s storm caused devastating damage in many communities when it ripped up trees and tore down power lines.

In spite of it all, some people stayed positive – even going so far as to help complete strangers in need.

Morgan Johnson’s job as a single mom got even harder when the storm knocked out power at her Warwick house on Spring Green Road.

“I have Finleigh, she’s three months old in two days,” Johnson said. “Having no power with her, and there’s another baby in the house, it’s pretty difficult.”

Although she had no power, she did have access to social media.

Photo: WPRI / Madeleine Wright

“I had seen on Facebook a woman posted if anyone had a three-month-old or younger, to message her,” Johnson said. She contacted the woman, who said that she had power at her house, and a generator.

The woman and her husband brought the generator to Johnson’s house and connected it, leaving it at her house overnight, free of charge.

“It was pretty helpful to have the lights to be able to get her food and stuff like that. We’re just really thankful that they brought that for us,” Johnson said. She also said that they proved that there are good people in the world.

When she returned the generator to the couple Thursday, they didn’t take any money, but asked her for one thing – to pay the favor forward.

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