‘Cranston Crazies’ cheering their way through LLWS

WPRI/Perry Russom

WILLIAMSPORT, Penn. (WPRI) — Cranston Western Little League will continue their championship chase on Monday when they take on California.

After a great victory Saturday night against Missouri, the fans of Cranston Western – known as the Cranston Crazies – were louder and happier than ever.

The large group of family, friends and former Cranston Western Little Leaguers made the 364 mile trip to Williamsport to support the boys on their quest for the championship.

“It’s well documented that the Cranston fans are outstanding and at 12 and 13, I don’t care what anybody tells you, when you have emotion like that, and you have fans cheering like that, that only helps the situation,” said head coach Gary Bucci.

Bucci said Saturday’s win was validation for the team – making them feel like they belong there.

Cranston must win their next game to stay alive in the tournament.

“I think we can handle it really well because Rhode Island has good baseball history too so I think we could beat them if we play really hard,” said Tommy Harper.

“Well we just gotta keep playing hard, keeping our eyes on baseball and our minds on baseball, just keep working hard,” added Jake San Antonio.

Cranston Western will play California on Monday at 8 p.m. on ESPN 2.

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