Providence record store robbed of classic rock albums

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — The thieves that have twice hit a Providence vintage record store took the “Stairway to Heaven” and made off with “Money.”

The owners of What Cheer Records tell The Providence Journal a thief of more likely two people working as a team — classic rock fans apparently — stole their entire collections of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd vinyl albums.

Co-owner Jennifer Daltry says the first theft took place around Easter with an entire 15-record stack of Pink Floyd LPs, both used originals and new reissues, were lifted while a clerk was distracted.

Then a week ago, the entire stock of Led Zeppelin albums was taken, along with a few more Pink Floyd records bought to replace the stolen LPs.

Daltry estimates the store’s losses at about $1,000.

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