Routine eye exam could be key to academic success

(WPRI) — Many districts head to back to class this week and parents are trying to check items off their to-do list. There’s one item you might want to consider adding, an eye exam.

“Actually one in four children have an undiagnosed vision problem,” Genstler Eye Care Optometrist Dr. Jessica Mai said.

State law requires public schools to conduct eye screenings, but they’re neither regular nor comprehensive for every student. And the routine eye screenings conducted at school may not be enough.

“There’s often times things that are missed during those screenings, such as a lazy eye where one eye doesn’t see as well as the other eye, or turned eyes or even eye coordination problems,” Dr. Mai added.

According to Dr. Mai, some studies show that visual functions or visual related problems, if gone undetected, are actually a better predictor of academic failure than things like socioeconomic status or even race.

Parents should check with their insurance company to see if eye exams are covered. Most of them do pay for one free eye exam every single year.

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