Anti-bully system being rolled out in Pawtucket schools

Photo: WPRI / Steve Nielsen

PAWTUCKET, R.I. (WPRI) — About 800 teachers across the Pawtucket school district are going to be trained this fall in proactive responses to bullying in schools — including prevention and interruption.

Representatives of “No Bully,” a San Francisco nonprofit organization, joined with city officials Monday morning at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence to announce the program’s rollout across Pawtucket.

“Unless we address bullying we are never going to succeed in creating schools where social justice is truly enshrined,” said Nicholas Carlisle of No Bully. “You know what that feels like to be on the outside so often as you go through school with no one to talk to. So you appeal to their empathy and nearly every kid has empathy.”

Parent Guide: Bullying Prevention >>
Parent Guide: Bullying Prevention »

Pawtucket is the first district in New England to adopt the training program, the district said in a news release. Teachers learn new methods of recognizing, preventing and interrupting bullying, both in classroom settings and online, and responses, depending on the severity of incidents.

“We talk about children are our future, education is the key to success – all those things are meaningless if children don’t feel safe in school,” said Congressman David Cicilline.

“We’ll strive everyday to be the greatest and the best and you have my word that this is the team that can get that done,” added Pawtucket Schools Superintendent Patti DiCenso.

According to Carlisle, the system has shown it can eliminate up to 90-percent of bullying problems in schools.

The program is being paid for by Hasbro.

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