Watch out for credit card schemes

What to know before calling customer service

The next time you call the customer service department of your credit or debit card, be sure to double check the number.

“Schemers are purchasing phone numbers similar to those of customer service lines and fooling card holders into sharing account information,” Consumer Reporter Susan Hogan said.

Here’s how the scheme works:

You have an issue with your credit card. So, you either look on the back of the card or Google it. You dial the number and get a recorded message. It prompts you to enter your credit card number and other information. But, don’t fall for it. Schemes are purchasing toll-free numbers and promoting them through search ads and fraudulent websites.

In a hurry, consumers dial the number they see first, not realizing it was placed there by schemers.

While customers may be dialing the number found on the card, schemers are banking on the customer misdialing.

What you can do:

  • Be wary of phone numbers in search ads. Those are frequently found at the top and sides of search results.
  • Find the customer service number on your card and be careful when dialing.
  • Look for the company’s official website.

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