Former cop starts ‘Project Blue Light’ to show support for officers

CHARLES CITY, Iowa (KIMT/WPRI) — Driving around Charles City, Iowa several porches have been illuminated by blue lights.

Project Blue Light, an initiative started by a former Charles City Police Officer, Brian Waid, after hearing about the Houston Texas deputy that was gunned down.

Waid said he came up with the idea to buy a blue light bulb for his front porch.

He posted a picture of it on Facebook, and it became viral.

“It pretty much took off from there,” said Waid. “We have people all over North Iowa lighting up their porches in blue, and other cities are coming up with their own ways.”

He then started handing blue bulbs out to the people of the community.

“I help people acquire the tools they need to show support,” said Waid. “I can’t make them turn their lights on or make them use the energy necessary to power the bulb, but the fact that people are showing support by doing that is inspirational.”

Brian’s friends quickly jumped on the idea of handing out the lights to the community for free and have already handed out more than 100 bulbs in less than a week.

“I saw what Brian [was] doing and it just seemed like good thing to do especially everything that’s going on right now,” said Nate Shindelar, a friend of Waid. “I’m hoping that this changes everybody’s mind. Everybody out there needs to understand that police officers are just normal people also they’re every day guys just like you and me, just doing their job.”

Brian said as long as the people of the community want to show of the blue lights to support police, he will continue handing them out.

If you want a blue bulb for your porch, you can contact Brian Waid on the “Project Blue Light” Facebook page linked below.

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