Portsmouth domestic homicide marks 3rd in state in 16 days

Almeida Terrace in Portsmouth, RI (Photo: Susan Campbell/ WPRI 12)

PORTSMOUTH, R.I. (WPRI) – A rare murder investigation is underway in Portsmouth.

Tuesday night’s domestic homicide is the third in Rhode Island in that past 16 days.

Portsmouth Police told Eyewitness New they were responding to a noise complaint when they discovered the body of a 42-year-old woman stabbed to death.

Officers said they found the victim’s boyfriend, Richard Ramsey, 50, in the same room with the murder weapon next to him.

Police said they had been called to the house previously and Eyewitness News learned there was a ‘no contact’ order in effect at the time of the incident.

Deb DeBare from the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence said “One of the most significant things to look at is the pattern of behavior that the abuser demonstrates over time.”

DeBare wants legislation passed at the State House that would create a domestic violence prevention fund.

“I can’t tell you how important that is in light of these horrible tragedies, because we know that domestic violence is preventable. And, if we could just put some resources into prevention and education in our state, we know we could reduce the number of homicides,” said DeBare.

She told Eyewitness News the coalition is analyzing what states like Massachusetts are doing with something called “dangerous assessments” on domestic violence offenders.

DeBare said those assessments would give the judge the information to know how dangerous a person is and if they should be let out on bail.

Police said Ramsey was cut during the apparent struggle with his girlfriend. He is currently in the hospital, but will be taken to the ACI when he is released.

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