Lights, camera, Woonsocket: ‘Purge’ movie shoot begins

Lights, camera, Woonsocket: ‘Purge’ movie shoot begins »

WOONSOCKET, R.I. (WPRI) — Cameras rolled Wednesday in Woonsocket on a Hollywood horror movie hoping to be a big blockbuster: “Purge 3: Assassins.” It meant some streets had to be closed.

And the city stands to cash in.

Woonsocket Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt said as a Universal Pictures film crew has started taking over Main Street and environs, the city is getting tens of thousands of dollars for letting the crew use its parking lots and buildings. The cash will either make improvements in the city, or help offset tax increases, she said.

Main Street is being closed for the filming, between the Court Street bridge area to the Market Square area — though some local traffic will be allowed.

The movie set brings excitement. “There will be a scene where there is some gunfire; there’s a scene where there’s a vehicle that’s on fire,” Baldelli-Hunt said. “It will sound like real gunshots and real fire, but it won’t be.”

The “Purge” series watches what happens when crime becomes legal for a twelve-hour period — including murder — and police, fire and medical emergency services are shut down.

And as Woonsocket plays the role of Washington, D.C., one or two local aspects have had to be changed. A mural that read “Keep Woonsocket Beautiful” was repainted to read “Washington.”

The film will be on location in Woonsocket most of the week, and on-and-off for the rest of the month. Then, it’s slated to hit theaters in July 2016.

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