RI couple beats medical odds and has triplets after Pope’s blessing

(WPRI) — It was a little over a year ago when Liz and Ryan Tremblay got a once in a lifetime chance to receive a marriage blessing from Pope Francis while in Rome. It was a meeting they say changed their lives forever.

“I have to say it was probably the most incredible moment in our lives. I just felt so full of joy when we were in his presence,” said Liz.

“I was almost waiting for that something almost magical to happen,” Ryan added. “For me, it was kind of the awareness that we had just been blessed by Pope Francis.”

The couple was told they at best had a 1 to 2 percent chance of conceiving a baby. But a few weeks after that one-on-one meeting with the Pope and that special Papal blessing – against all medical odds – the Tremblays received what they are calling a miracle.

“It wasn’t planned, we weren’t expecting it,” Ryan recalled. “When we went for the ultrasound and they told us that there were triplets, it just blew our minds.”

Now, the Tremblays are the proud parents of three baby boys – Andrew, Elliot and Nicholas. The triplets were born August 20, and are now home after weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Caring for the three newborns is a challenge, but even after a nearly sleepless night, the Tremblays couldn’t hold back their excitement at the thought of millions of other Americans getting the chance to see Pope Francis in America next week.

“Your life has changed once you’ve met him,” said Liz.

“It’s absolutely a blessing that he’s coming here,” her husband added. “I think he’s just going to have such a wonderful, lasting impact on the country.”

The Tremblays tell us they conceived triplets naturally. They were so touched by their visit with Pope Francis that they honored the pontiff by giving Elliot the middle name Francis.

Pope Francis is coming to the United States and Eyewitness News, with the combined resources of CBS, Fox and CNN, will be bringing you in-depth coverage of this historic visit. Eyewitness News Anchors Danielle North and Mike Montecalvo will be there in person for two of the pope’s U.S. stops.

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