Ocean Mist prepares to weather another coastal storm

SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (WPRI) — Matunuck’s Ocean Mist is no stranger to coastal storms – and the restaurant is now getting ready to take on Hurricane Joaquin.

The establishment’s owner, Kevin Finnegan, said he’s been through some tough storms before. Since Hurricane Sandy, he said he is now always prepared for the worst.

But windy and wet weather didn’t keep the patrons away from the Ocean Mist on Friday.

“Even when it’s bad weather, we come here because it is always good food, good help that works here,” said Lisa Bettencourt of South Kingstown.

Finnegan said he isn’t really worried about the waves or the wind – because he has owned the restaurant for 30 years. The building itself has been in Matunuck since 1928.

Even though he isn’t concerned, he said he still tries to learn from every storm.

“[Hurricane Sandy] was one of the worst storms, so you know, you learn from every storm. And after 28 years, we were pretty prepared,” he said.

Even with additional safey measures in place – like a reinforced foundation – Finnegan said he is prepared to let Mother Nature have the last word.

“There’s a point, like Sandy, you know three or four hours before high tide there’s nothing you can do, so you just leave,” he said. “You keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best.”

Although Rhode Island may be spared from this storm, the Coast Guard says people should still be vigilant and stay clear of hazardous beaches and coastal areas.

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