Mass. could ban talking on cellphones while driving


BOSTON (AP) — Holding a cellphone to an ear while driving in Massachusetts could get motorists pulled over and fined under legislation up for a public hearing at the Statehouse.

The use of cellphones while driving has long been a source of contention.

Distracted Driving Dangers: Startling Facts & Statistics >>
Distracted Driving Dangers: Startling Facts & Statistics >>

A 2010 state law already bans texting while driving and any cellphone use by junior operators 18 or younger.

Adults can still hold their phones and drive at the same time, as long as they’re not texting or emailing.

Other states have toughened their laws.

On July 1, New Hampshire joined several Northeast states including Connecticut, Vermont and New York that require motorists to use hands-free technology such as Bluetooth, with exceptions for emergency situations.

The bills will be discussed at a public hearing Tuesday before the Judiciary Committee.

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