Rhode Island water park in works – maybe for Warwick

WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — Memories of the water rides of Rocky Point Park are feeding a plan to build a new water park in Rhode Island — or maybe Southeastern Massachusetts.

This week, Warwick Mayor Scott Avedisian said he’s met with a developer who’s looking into building a water park in the city.

David Cascioli, a representative for Cascade Water Park LLC, has a web site and a Facebook campaign launched. On the web site, the developers describe themselves as “a group of professionals with combined experience in amusement parks, general business development, and entertainment industries who have come together in order to put a plan in place — to ultimately bring back a summer time recreational facility to Rhode Island.”

“Help us start a new legacy for this generation,” the web site encourages. “NOW is the time for the people of Rhode Island to speak up, to take action to build something we as a State can enjoy in this generation and for future generations to come.”

Avedisian says he’s met with the developer. “We have suggested sites that would be good for them to look at, and we’re waiting to get an actual proposal.

“We know what people like – is a quality of life,” Avedisian continues. “I think a water park could be a good asset to all of that.”

The water park developer’s Facebook page announced on October 1 they are starting a pre-launch crowdfunding campaign to continue developing the plan. They’ve identified sites not just in Warwick, but also in Pawtucket, East Providence, and Exeter, as well as Attleboro, Seekonk, and Wrentham, Mass — saying due to limited possibilities for locations, they may have to go over the border to build. The site says they are also looking for “volunteers” to start building up the campaign.

Avedisian said they’ve suggested four locations to the developers. “I won’t detail where they are, because they’re all privately owned and would probably change negotiations a little bit. But we think that there are some good locations that this could actually work.”

According to the developer, a water park could bring in 100,000 visitors from Massachusetts into Rhode Island.

Park has been a dream for more than a year

In fact, Cascioli, a former manager of Rocky Point Park, who now lives in Tampa, Fla., has been trying to get people into the tent on the plan for more than a year.

On October 6, the Warwick Beacon reported that Cascioli

…doesn’t intend on repeating the mistake he made last year in announcing he was eying a site in Johnston as part of a much larger development. That news was followed by a flurry of comments and denials of any plans for the area, as well as recriminations by town fathers. Johnston Mayor Joseph Polisena called Cascioli’s plans “pie in the sky.”

“I never want to experience what happened last year,” Cascioli said. …

The Beacon first reported on Johnston being considered for a site August 28, 2014.

Also on October 6 of this year, the Valley Breeze reported that city officials in Pawtucket were planning to take Cascioli on a tour of a property straddling the Pawtucket-Attleboro, Mass. lines. Talks remained in the “very preliminary stage,” the city’s Director of Administration, Tony Pires, told the paper.

Cascioli told WPRO-AM and the Beacon after his Rocky Point stint, he helped in the design of water parks in Michigan, Jamaica, Dubai, and India.

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