Parents get chance to hear son’s heartbeat, one last time

SHIOCTON, WISCONSIN (WPRI) – One family’s tragedy became another man’s second chance when he received the donated heart from a deceased 18-year-old man.

Carmen and Juan Polanco’s son, nicknamed Gordo, was killed New Year’s Eve in a Shiocton, Wisconsin car crash.

The Polanco’s donated their son’s organs after the accident, including his kidney, liver, pancreas, and heart.

Recently, they had a chance to meet the man who received Gordo’s heart.

“Did you hear,” Jerry Olk, the heart transplant recipient, asked Carmen as she held a stethoscope and listened to her son’s heart a final time.

Since the tragic loss of their son, the Polancos have become advocates for organ donation.

“I know it’s hard to donate organs,” said Carmen. “But now since we are doing this to encourage people to donate, I will be a donor too – to save lives.”

Meanwhile, Olk said he’ll continue to carry Gordo’s heart with pride.

You can learn more information about organ donation by visiting this website:

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