Shen-Yun comes to Providence

This fall, you’re invited to a special musical experience. Shen Yun Performing Arts’ very own Symphony Orchestra is presenting “music from 5,000 years of civilization” at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Providence.

From grand dynasties to ancient legends, you will be taken on a journey into a lost world.

Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra is one-of-a-kind in combining Chinese and Western instruments in harmony. Shen Yun’s original compositions are inspired by the five-millennia culture. It also performs Western favorites that are timelessly classic.

Internationally acclaimed vocalists sing poetic verses with the genuine Bel canto technique. “Uplifting, Inspiring, Sublime…” Experience the revival of am ancient civilization through Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra. The orchestra comes on October 31 at 7:30pm. Providence is proud to be the last stop of the orchestra’s tour.

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