Wrentham shoplifting arrests lead to ring of alleged crooks

A rookie reporter witnesses a violent mob scene when the Coach store opens at midnight after Thanksgiving.

WRENTHAM, Mass. (WPRI) — After police arrested two women on suspicion of shoplifting at the Wrentham Village Premium Outlet mall, they were led to two other suspects and $31,000 in goods.

Two Brooklyn, N.Y. women, Laneisha Munford, 22, and Dejeuner Knight, 28, were arrested recently, Wrentham Police said on their Facebook page; they’re accused of using fraudulent payment methods to buy goods at the Burberry outlet store.

While the women were being taken into custody, detectives on scene noticed a vehicle whose occupants appeared to be paying “unusually close attention” to the arrest. That vehicle had been spotted close by where a shoplifting had happened the night before.

With help from detectives in Plainville, Mass., Wrentham detectives determined the identity of a husband and wife in the driver’s and passenger’s seats. Robert Parris, 40, and his wife Shannon, 38, are now charged with felony credit card fraud and receiving stolen property.

Wrentham police and a U.S. Secret Service agent got a search warrant for the vehicle, and found inside $31,000 worth of merchandise, prepaid money cards and gift cards, as well as a laptop computer and credit card encoding device, several cell phones and electronic payment devices.

Police believe the merchandise was obtained using fraudulent cards.

Detectives are now providing evidence to banks, police agencies and retail stores, and charges are being filed in several other jurisdictions, the police said. One bank told police 37 accounts were compromised by the crime ring.

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