Mother: ‘No survivors, which meant my little girl was gone’

BROCKTON, M.A. (WPRI) – Less than 24 hours after federal investigators positively identified the wreckage found 15,000 feet underwater as that of the El Faro cargo ship, a local mother of one of the victims spoke out about the tragedy.

“I didn’t care about the ship,” said Mary Shevory, the mother of one of the crew members aboard the El Faro. “It’s wood and nails and plastic, and I did not care about losing that. I cared about my flesh and blood daughter.”

Shevory is heartbroken by the latest developments, which came exactly one month after the ship was first reported missing.

The El Faro went missing last month near Bermuda as Hurricane Joaquin hit the waters where the ship was traveling.

Shevory’s daughter, 51-year-old Mariette Wright, died aboard the cargo ship with the 32 other passengers.

“No survivors, no survivors, which meant my little girl was gone,” said Shevory. “I don’t know how to express my grief rationally.”

Wright was her middle child and was known as an adventurer.

“I wonder when she knew when the ship was sinking,” Shevory said through tears. “If she had tried to figure out some way to escape or someway to save everybody on there because that’s how she was.”

It could take weeks for investigators to locate the ship’s black box, which could shed light on what happened to the ship.

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