‘Jem and the Holograms’ reboot film pulled from theaters

(WPRI) — The glamour, glitter, fashion and fame has been abruptly halted.

After sour reviews and buzz, and box office figures so dismal the movie studio stopped reporting them, the new live-action movie of Hasbro’s “Jem and the Holograms” franchise is being removed from movie theaters.

The movie had a special premiere in Warwick in October, with the film’s stars including Aubrey Peeples (“Jem/Jerrica Benton”) and Hayley Kiyoko (“Aja”) expressing their excitement.

But according to Business Insider’s Jason Guerrasio, the movie, based on a popular 1980’s cartoon, is being pulled out of theaters.

A search of Fandango.com and moviefone.com Tuesday afternoon showed no showtimes in Rhode Island or Massachusetts; in fact, the closest location WPRI.com could find to buy tickets for was in Maine.

The animated television series remembered by the children of the 1980’s (now in their thirties) entailed a young woman running her own record company, and under a secret identity, helming a girl rock group — with the help of holograms projected by a computer — as well as feuding with competing rock groups.

The movie, however, had a heavy reliance on social media plotlines, and made some significant structural changes to character and backstory which fans disliked.

The movie also had multiple tie-ins, including cosmetics sold at Sephora, hair dye sold at Manic Panic, comics published by IDW Publishing, and collectible dolls.

According to Box Office Mojo, the movie has made $2.1 million dollars in domestic total gross. The production’s budget was $5 million.

By comparison, “Transformers,” the 2007 movie reboot of another 80’s Hasbro cartoon, made $70.5 million on its opening weekend, grossing $318 million overall — and was given a budget of $150 million.

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