Russell to release documentary about Station nightclub fire

WEST WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — The singer who was onstage during the deadly Station nightclub fire recently said he is working on a documentary about his life – which will include the heartbreaking tragedy.

Jack Russell claims the documentary will be his way of apologizing to victims and their families. The Station nightclub burned down on February 20, 2003, after pyrotechnics used during a Great White show burned down the building.

Russell, who is the lead vocalist and founding member of Great White, said in a recent radio interview his documentary will include the fire, which killed 100 people and injured 200 more.

“It’s a story of my life intertwined with the story of the fire,” he said. “It’s gonna give me a chance to apologize and to say how I feel about it, you know. I never had a chance to say I’m sorry.”

Some people who lost loved ones in the fire told Eyewitness News Thursday they do not accept Russell’s apology.

“Every time he speaks and brings up the Station, it just hurts the families more and more,” said Gina Russo, a survivor.

Russo survived the fire, but she said her fiance did not.

Jody King, who lost his younger brother, Tracy, in the fire, said it’s too late for Russell’s apology.

“It’s taken him now 13 years to say ‘I’m sorry.’ Too little, too late, Jack,” he said.

King’s brother was the bouncer in the club the night of the fire.

According to Russell, his lawyers told him not to apologize about the tragedy.

King said he thinks that is just an excuse, saying that if he really wanted to apologize, he could’ve.

And King had a message for Russell, saying: “Stay away from Rhode Island, shut your mouth and leave us alone.”

There is no word yet on when Russell’s documentary will be released.

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