Reed: Military action, diplomacy needed to fight ISIS threats

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The terror attacks on Paris are changing the conversation about ISIS, causing world leaders to reevaluate how to contain the threat.

Sen. Jack Reed was in Washington when the attacks in France happened. He said it will take a combination of military action and diplomacy to fight the threats.

As evidence emerged that ISIS inspired the coordinated deadly attacks in Paris, Reed said officials in Washington got to work checking for threats here at home.

“The first response, and I think the appropriate response, was to double-check and triple-check whether there was any credible threat information in the United States to protect ourselves,” Sen. Reed said.

According to Reed, the recent attacks shed light on what, exactly, ISIS is capable of.

“You appreciate one of the dimensions of ISIS which is not just seizing territory in the middle east, but also directing or encouraging attacks around the world and that’s what we have to face,” he said.

Sen. Reed is the ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. He said there is a coalition of 60 nations working against ISIS, but enthusiasm for the efforts have varied until now.

“Some strong support initially, less support recently,” he said. “I think this has renewed it, and properly so, because other nations sense now that they can be targets also.”

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In terms of what has to happen next in the battle against ISIS, Reed said there are a few steps that need to be taken.

“We have to discredit them in terms of the information campaigns they use to recruit people, we have to cut their financing off, go ahead and take off the oil infrastructure they’re using to finance their operations,” he said. “So it’s a complex operation but I think certainly the tragic events in Paris have given a renewed energy to our efforts.”

Sunday at the G-20 Summit in Turkey, President Barack Obama said the attack was not just on France, but on the entire civilized world – saying the U.S. will redouble its efforts to eliminate ISIS.

Brian Yocono contributed to this report.

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