Bike sharing program in the works for Providence

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — If it’s too long to walk but not worth a cab, try grabbing a bike.

That could be the reality for Providence soon – because plans are in the works to bring a bike sharing program to the city.

“It really helps with some of these medium distance trips. It might be a 30-minute walk, you don’t want the hassle of parking,” said Providence sustainability director Leah Bamberger.

Bamberger, an avid recreational bike rider, said that with the help of private business partners, the program could be coming to the streets of Providence.

To use the program, you can sign up ahead of time online – which can give you bonuses like free riding time.

You can also use the program on a trip-to-trip basis by swiping your credit card.

To use the program, just find the nearest Social Bike on your phone and then enter a pin to unlock it. You will be charged a to-be-determined fee, which will be based on how long you use the bike.

When you’re finished, just find the nearest bike rack and lock it up – because each bike comes with its own built-in lock system.

Cities like Boston and New York already have bike sharing programs in place, but Bamberger said it’s not a done deal yet for Providence.

“We’re in the process of securing sponsorships, this is a completely privately funded system, so no tax dollars will be used for this system,” she said. “We’re really excited to see this happen here in Providence. It does a lot for establishing a strong bike culture.”

The program is not yet set in stone, but organizers say the hope is to have the program up and running by the summer of 2016.

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