Number of broken glass bathroom door complaints on the rise

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Experts are alerting consumers to an increase in complaints about shattering glass shower doors.

Diane Parker said it sounded like a bomb had gone off when the glass door in her hotel room bathroom broke. She was attending her brother’s wedding in Chicago.

“Boom, there’s this loud explosion,” she said. “It was fiercely loud.”

According to Parker, the door exploded and glass shards flew everywhere.

“It just flew everywhere and I ended up on the ground – looking at my arm gushing blood,” she said.

Parker said she was severely injured during the situation.

“I had shards of glass all over my neck, my entire body. It was pretty painful,” she said.

Call 12 For Action learned that Parker’s case is by no means an isolated incident.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are about 300 injuries treated in emergency rooms every year from shower doors that shatter.

We also found a case on of consumers describing incidents of “loud sounds of shattering glass,” and shower doors that “shattered into thousands of 1/4 pieces.”

One woman said glass cut her right hand.

In a demonstration, glass expert Mark Meshulam showed what happened when shower doors explode. Under the law, the glass used in showers is required to be safety glass – meaning that if it breaks, it will do so into little cubes.

“Except that sometimes, those pieces don’t separate like those here,” Meshulam said. “And they don’t separate fast enough to protect the person in the shower when they come crashing down.”

Manufacturers of shower doors who responded to consumer complaints claim, “all doors are manufactured with tempered glass in compliance with the CPSC.”

To keep your family safe, experts recommend putting a safety film on glass used in showers. If your door does break, you should report it to the CPSC.

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