What NOT to buy before Christmas

Photo: Christmas shopping (WTNH)

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Christmas Eve is just three weeks away and holiday shopping is in full swing. There are plenty of sales and deals, but experts warn there are certain things not to buy before the holidays.

Here is a warning, though: Some of the stuff on this list, you’ll want to buy right now, and that’s exactly why you’re not going to see it on sale in December, but if you can wait a little longer, you might find the same stuff for a lot less.

For instance, Christmas lights and decorations, according to Quinnipiac University business professor David Cadden.

“After the season occurs, again, they want to be able to unload inventory, so any seasonal housewares, Christmas tree lights, decorations. Wait until after Christmas. Same would go for winter clothing,” said Cadden.

That includes not only scarves and hats, but winter athletic wear, too. If you can wait until March, you’ll save a lot of money. Looking to go somewhere you don’t need winter clothes? Tropical cruises are popular around the holidays. It will be a lot cheaper if you go in the middle of winter. Want to change things up in the bedroom? Sheets and pillowcases go on sale in January, mattresses around Memorial Day. Other furniture usually goes on sale in January.

If you’re looking to see a show that’s currently on Broadway in New York City, well, so is everybody else this time of year. If you wait until January, February and March, tickets are much easier to get, and you might find them at a discounted price.

If you’re shopping for a car, try going to the dealer on December 31st. They’ll be looking to make deals to close out inventory for the year. Sellers of exercise equipment have sales around New Year’s to take advantage of people making resolutions. Prices for romantic gifts like perfume and jewelry usually stay high through at least Valentine’s day, Professor Cadden says.

If you want to really get bang for your buck, shop for gift cards after Christmas. People get cards they don’t want and sell them for less than face value at websites like cardcash.com and cardpool.com.

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