Mattiello expected to sign subpoenas for Corso, Costantino

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The office of House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello said he will approve and sign new subpoenas connected to the state’s failed deal with 38 Studios.

As it further investigates the controversial deal, the House Finance Committee voted Tuesday night to issue subpoenas for Former House Finance Committee Chairman Steven Costantino and Providence attorney Michael Corso, prompting them to testify.

Court documents show Corso was at the center of the deal while Costantino was credited with the idea of adding $75 million to the program that authorized the loan.

Corso’s lawyer Michael Lepizzera has already said he likely won’t allow his client to talk to the committee about what led to the deal. Lepizzera wrote a text message to Target 12 Investigator Tim White, reading in part “it is not likely that I will subject my client to become the circus elephant of a three ring circus being conducted by the ringmaster (Chairwoman) of the House Oversight Committee.”

The ringmaster Lepizzera referred to is House Oversight Committee Chairwoman Karen MacBeth.

“I would say that wherever he got his law degree, that university must be very disappointed,” she reacted Tuesday night.

“He acted like an absolute child and I don’t know where he thinks we are going to go with that,” added Rep. Dan Reilly, who’s also on the committee. “If his client does in fact want the truth to come out, he’s the best person to come before us and share that with us.”

It’s been just short of two months since the committee started holding hearings on the deal with Curt Schilling’s failed company.

The committee also voted Tuesday to reissue a subpoena for Schilling, which expired Tuesday after a constable wasn’t able to serve it.

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