Cocktail Guru’s 3rd Annual Holiday Gift Guide

Our friend “The Cocktail Guru” Jonathan Pogash joined us today with his 3rd Annual Holiday Gift Guide for the Cocktail Lover.

These are the perfect gifts for parties or loved ones who are hard to buy for.

He also showed us how to make “Jonathan’s Cran-Apple Punch.

Here is what he brought us today along with the recipe for his special punch:

– Sugar in the raw syrup (available at most supermarkets like stop and shop – $4)
– Novus Tea from Bigelow Tea (Amazon and – $7-$8)
– Wild Hibiscus flowers and Syrups (Amazon and
– 100% pure cranberry juice (most supermarkets – $3-4)
– Fruitations cranberry syrup ( – $7)

– tiki mugs and shot glasses (Amazon – $20 for set of 4 mugs)
– Tivoli ice cube trays (bed bath and beyond – $8)
– Smoking Gun (modernist – $129.99)
– Vitamix pro series 750 ($650-$700)
– crystal punch bowl (punch not included – Walmart, Macy’s – $60-$70)

  • Also shown – Jonathan’s Cran-Apple Punch
  • 2 parts rye whisky
  • 1 part cider
  • 1 part fruitations cranberry syrup
  • Add to punch bowl with ice and stir well.
  • Garnish with sliced apples and oranges

Mr Boston Bartenders Guide 75th anniversary edition – available on his website – – $20 signed! 1500 recipes!

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