In the Kitchen: ‘Aunt Fannie’s’ Squash Casserole

Go Providence has brought in Chef Derek Emery from Ted’s Montana Grill to make “Aunt Fannie’s Squash Casserole.”

3 pounds squash, trimmed, cut in half lengthwise and sliced 1/2-inch thick
1/2 cup plus 1 tablespoon unseasoned cracker meal, divided
4 tablespoons plus 1 1/2 teaspoons unsalted butter, melted, plus more for buttering ramekins
1 tablespoon granulated sugar
2 teaspoons kosher salt
1 teaspoon black pepper
2 eggs

• In a large saucepan, add squash and cover with water. Bring to a boil and reduce heat, simmering squash for 5 minutes.
• Drain squash and cool before moving to the next step.
• Preheat oven to 325 degrees.
• Butter the sides and bottom of 8 4-ounce ramekins.
• In a large bowl, beat 1/2 cup cracker meal, 4 tablespoons melted butter, sugar, salt, pepper and eggs. Stir in cooled squash.
• Divide squash mixture between prepared ramekins.
• Sprinkle with remaining tablespoon cracker meal and drizzle with remaining 1 1/2 teaspoons melted butter. May be made ahead up to this point, covered and refrigerated for up to 1 day.
• When ready to bake, arrange filled ramekins on a baking sheet and bake until internal temperature is 165 degrees and the squash has a golden brown crust, about 30 minutes.

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