AAA: Drivers should prepare cars for winter

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Winter can be tough, not only on our bodies, but also on our vehicles.

If you have a car, experts say now is the time to prepare it for the winter – because heavy snow and extreme cold are not too far away.

Lloyd Albert, a spokesperson for AAA Southern New England, says the cold tends to be worse for cars than the snow.

“As soon as that mercury dips down below zero, batteries that are weak start to fail and our call volume goes up through the roof,” he told Eyewitness News on Tuesday.

Lloyd said AAA is already preparing for an increased demand for roadside service. The organization says it is keeping its call center fully staffed and has even hired temporary workers to help out.

According to Albert, there are several maintenance tips drivers can use to avoid an emergency on the roads.

“It really behooves people to make sure their cars are well-tuned, that their batteries have been checked, their tires have plenty of tread on them, their wiper blades have been replaced in anticipation of a cold and snowy winter,” he said.

Albert said keeping your car in top shape can save a lot of trouble – and money. But accidents can still happen.

“If you’re involved in a crash this time of year, make sure you’re safe and call law enforcement,” he said. “Get out of the car if necessary and go off to the shoulder to make sure you’re not in harm’s way after a crash.”

Experts recommend keeping emergency supplies like food and blankets in your car in case you get stranded.

See our Consumer Guide for more tips and make sure to check out our Storm Readyweather page to prepare for severe weather. 

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