Police make arrest in attempted abduction in Providence

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — A suspect is in custody after a young boy was nearly abducted in the area of Charles Street in Providence Tuesday afternoon, according to police.

Providence Police Maj. David Lapatin said the 9-year-old got off the bus near the intersection of Russo and Social Streets but instead of being greeted by a parent, a man was there trying to lure him into his car.

According to Lapatin, two narcotics officers were in the area and noticed a driver acting suspiciously. After hearing the man say “get in the car,” the boy started walking away and the officers approached the car. Once they showed their badges, police said the suspect took off.

“Just came home from work, I saw a raucous, the neighbors were out looking around. A Providence policeman knocked on my door asking if I had seen anything. He just said someone tried to abduct a child, it was unsuccessful which is the most important thing, and that’s about it, he was looking for a white car that had sped away,” explained a resident who lives nearby.

Lapatin said the officers were able to get the license plate number and identify the suspect as Roy Bautista.

Bautista, 33, lives in Providence and has a criminal record, but nothing involving abductions, according to police.

After failing to find Bautista at his home, police sent out his information to neighboring departments. He was later found and apprehended by police in Pawtucket.

Lapatin said Bautista also hit a few cars on the Route 146 off-ramp in North Providence.

The incident remains under investigation.

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