Study: New Bedford saw less crime in 2015

New Bedford, Mass. (WPRI) – The New Bedford Police Department has released new data showing the amount of crime in the city was down for most of 2015 compared to 2014.

Violent crimes, such as homicides, rapes, robberies and assaults were down 14% while robberies were down 6%, and aggravated assaults were also down 14%.

The same stats show property crime, which includes, burglary and vehicle thefts were down 8%. Break-ins were down 12%.

While violent crimes were down in total, there were 5 homicides in 2015 compared to 3 in 2015.

But comparing those numbers to other urban centers in New England, the number is rather low.

Boston saw 38 homicides in 2015, 32 in Hartford, 18 in Springfield, 14 in Providence, 15 in New Haven and 9 in Brockton.

New Bedford Acting Police Chief David Lizotte attributed the progress to the police department’s strategy of working closely with neighborhoods and targeting “high-impact” players that commit a disproportionate number of criminal acts.

“The latest statistics are evidence that our approach to policing in New Bedford is effective, and that we are executing our mission at a high level across many areas. While we are achieving many of our public safety goals, there are still key pockets in the city where a stronger partnership with neighbors and increased enforcement can make a big difference in improving the quality of life for residents,” said Chief Lizotte.

Mayor Jon Mitchell said, “Above all, the numbers reflect the high standards and professionalism of the New Bedford Police Department. Our officers do a difficult job very well. New Bedford continues to stand out as having one of the best police departments in the state.”

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