Providence homeowner says stolen dogs were returned

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Thieves ransacked a Providence home Thursday night – stealing jewelry and a family’s two dogs.

UPDATE: Eyewitness News learned Saturday night that both dogs, Giovanni and Baby, were returned to the home. The owner said they were a little dirty, but are both safe, happy and healthy! Original story continues below:

Eyewitness News spoke exclusively with Patricia Trafford on Friday. She said she stepped out for a few hours and while she was gone, thieves shattered her sense of security.

“I’m angry that I was violated like this,” she said. “I suspect I don’t know these people. ”

Trafford said the intruders disabled a motion sensor light in her yard and then broke in through a window.

“I was never concerned about my safety here before. Now this makes you have second thoughts,” she added.

Once inside, the thieves rummaged through her belongings and stole her mother’s jewelry – before taking off with two of her dogs.

Giovanni is 8-years-old and Baby is 10. Both are teacup poodles and Trafford considers them to be part of her family.

“They’re very tiny and they have medical problems,” Trafford said through tears. “Especially Baby. She has seizures and I’m concerned that these people won’t know what to do to revive her.”

Now, Trafford is pleading for her dogs’ safe return.

“Bring back my little pumpkin pies. Bring them back,” she said. “People that don’t have a heart for animals can’t understand it but people that do, they know.”

Trafford is so desperate to get her dogs back, she said she wouldn’t ask questions if they were returned to her. She said the person who took them could even leave the dogs inside the fence in her backyard.

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