TMZ: Lamar Odom will not face charges

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez, File

(TMZ) – Lamar Odom will NOT face drug charges for his incident at the Love Ranch back in October. Odom made headlines when he OD’d at the Love Ranch in Nevada. After weeks in the hospital he entered rehab for serious medical issues. Despite being under the influence of cocaine, the Nye County D.A. decided not to file charges against the former URI star.

The Playboy mansion is on the market! The 29-bedroom home can be yours if you’re willing to live with Hugh Hefner. In addition to living at the mansion for the rest of his life, Hefner has plans to expand and restore the home. The 1927 mansion will not be listed as a teardown, but it will come at a cost: $200 million.

Katy Perry caught the attention of many at the Golden Globes, but it wasn’t just for her dress. Perry admitted to using a Bumpit in her hair to give it the extra boost. Bumpit’s inventor is considering bringing the product back after 3 years. She would even rename it to “Katy’s Bumpits.”


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