Bands jams during snowstorm; serenades stranded drivers

Photo: ESBentertainment/YouTube

LONDON, Ky. (WCMH) – A band decided to make the most out of getting stranded on a Kentucky highway over the weekend.

The Endless Summer Band, based out of Indianapolis was stranded on Interstate 75 in Kentucky for nearly 12 hours on Saturday. Instead of getting frustrated, they jammed their way through it.

The band said they were on the way to a gig at Niswonger Children’s Hospital in Johnson City, Tennessee.

The band recorded their new song ‘Stuck on this Highway With You’ in the back of an RV while stranded.

Another band member walked out on the stopped freeway and serenaded other stranded travelers with a rendition of ‘Let it Snow’ on the saxophone.

The band eventually made it to their gig, saying on Facebook that they will never forget this one.

The return trip was reportedly uneventful, with the band safely arriving back in Indianapolis.

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